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"Cuimhnich air na daoine o'n d'thainig thu"
~Remember the people from whom you came~


Our ancestors came from across the Irish and North Sea to establish Dalriada and Scotland in Pictish Alba

This may be a unique website - in that it is dedicated to the history and development of the seven modern-day clans that claim descent from the Alpin dynasty and its seed, the House of Alpin. For more than a thousand years Sìol Alpin (she-ul all-pin) has been carried on by these clans: 

Gregor ~ Grant ~ MacAulay ~ MacFie
MacKinnon ~ MacNab ~ MacQuarrie

The belief in the Sìol Alpin tradition among the individual clans that claim to be part of it, is without question, a strong one. These clans, for instance, share the same plant badge, the Scots Pine, worn in their bonnets. There is a distinct similarity with tartan colors and set, some virtually identical to another.  Some of the Clans further emphasize this tradition through their respective mottos and slogans. The Clan Gregor motto for instance is "Royal is my blood" and the MacFie clan uses "For the King" while Clan MacKinnon has their clan slogan as "Remember the Death of Alpin."

 Although the name MacAlpin is used today as a surname, there is little trace of an effective clan of that name in historical record. In fact, the concept, or better said, organization of "clan" and clan chiefs as we think of them today had yet to be characterized as such at the time of Kenneth MacAlpine.  

Charles MacKinnon makes the claim that the overarching Clan of MacAlpin was not a clan in and of itself, and he asserts that those of the surname MacAlpin never held their own lands and in almost all cases they belong to one of the other seven clans. The name was often taken as an alias during the proscription of Highland names by the throne in London.  Members of Clan MacAlpin Society are challenging this belief, and are pursuing the goal of recognition as a clan in their own right through application to the Court of the Lord Lyon.    

There are many historical examples which point to the strong beliefs each clan had in the Sìol Alpin. One example is in the aid given by Clan Grant to Clan Gregor during the time of the  proscription of the name MacGregor by the Crown in the 17th century. The Grants in particular, because they held such strong familial ties to the MacGregors gave an inordinate amount of aid to MacGregor during the period of their proscription. Documents show that the Chief of Grants paid out huge sums in fines for providing aid to proscribed MacGregors during this period, and there can be no other reason for this than a belief by the Chief of Grant himself that he was protecting and aiding his own kin.

The belief in the close relationship and blood-ties between the Grants and MacGregors was so strong, in fact, that at one point the chief of Grant and Gregor met at Blair Athol to discuss merging the two clans into one. This meeting broke up when it could not be decided which clan name they would take, or who would be chief.

The following pages represent a search for the roots, history, descendency, the contribution of Sìol Alpin - both in ancient times beyond Alba and later Scotland - and as much information as possible to discover and understand the identity of the clan which bore the name and leadership of the race of Alpin through the middle ages to modern times.

Much credit is due to the research and writings from long past as well as current works.  Much has been gleaned from the work represented in websites, the clans, both of bards and anecdotal histories.  It is fully recognized that there are many myths, traditions and outright misinformation that continue to this day regarding the facts and true roots of the House of Alpin.  However, at some point, traditions, physical evidence and open-mindedness will yield a much more complete and correct perspective regarding ancient events, evolution of society, and those who claim to be the race of Alpin.

It is hoped that you'll find your time here worthwhile.  Your input, information, insight, and your suggestions - as well as constructive criticism - are welcome.  In any event, attempting to perceive beyond the the times of the Dark Ages requires the view of more experienced, educated and insightful individuals than myself. Your patience with this work in progress is appreciated. Thank you for visiting.
                                                                                            Dodd Greer, FSA Scot